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Benefits of feeding fish broth for dogs & cats

When one of our dogs was injured recently, aside from medical treatment, one of the things we turned to, to help him heal more quickly was nutrition. We believe strongly in giving our dogs nutritious food from whole, natural sources, and broth is something we knew was easy to digest.

When humans fall sick, we turn to a comforting bowl of warm chicken soup. It is light, nourishing and appetizing when you don’t feel like chewing on anything. We figured it was the same for dogs.

We regularly boil a simple broth with bones and chicken feet to go with their daily meals, but we turned to fish because it is light and easily digestible, while being packed with nutrients to support immune and skin health that can help heal a flesh wound.

Fish is naturally rich in Omegas 3 & 6, and the skin and bones break down more quickly than other animal parts to provide collagen, protein & other nutrients in the soup. Fish is also lighter and more easy to digest, and gives a nutrition boost to the immune system.

We use Barramundi Heads, Frames & Belly meat in our fish broth for dogs. Barramundi is a light, white fish that is sweet and high in Omega-3 fatty acids. The resulting broth has a light, sweet smell and flavour that is very appetizing to both human and pup.

During his recovery, our pup had a generous amount of fish broth with every meal, and throughout the day. Our fish broth is intentionally kept light, and wallet-friendly, so you can feed it in generous amounts regularly. From experience, you see the best results from regular good nutrition, not from an occasional treat.

The fish broth kept our pup well hydrated when he did not feel like drinking a lot of water, and he got a nutrition boost each time. He has since recovered well, which we attribute to good medical care, and a nutritious diet.

We now have tāng fish broth available as an in-person and pick-up special. This is suitable for both dogs and cats.

tāng (汤) is the chinese word for ‘soup’ which is what this is – a light fish soup that your dog can enjoy in generous quantities each time as part of their meal, or as a treat.

While bone broth is having its day in the sun (for both humans and dogs), we are reminded that the Chinese have been enjoying a bowl of slow-boiled, nourishing soup or broth for centuries. There is nothing mystical about it, and it should not be made out to be more complicated than it is.

We were intentional in making our fish broth, because of how our pups react to ingredients commonly found in most commercial broths:

Boiled for less than 2 hours

We boil our fish broth for less than 2 hours each time in a pressure cooker. We have found that this is enough time for the fish bones to break down into the soup.

Boiling broth for a long time also raises the histamine levels in the product. As we have a dog that is sensitive to this, and can get yeasty or itch, we are careful to avoid this. Besides, we still get a deliciously jiggly gelled broth, which is what matters!

No Apple Cider Vinegar in our broth

The primary reason we learnt to boil our own broth is because most commercial broths contain apple cider vinegar, which is an ingredient people are encouraged to add to “draw the minerals from the bones”, and “to help the broth gel”. We have found this to be unnecessary.

Apple cider vinegar is a fermented product, and is therefore higher in histamine levels. Again, with a dog prone to itchy skin and paws, we reduce our exposure to food with higher histamine levels.

Secondly, apple cider vinegar changes the taste of the broth, and not every dog likes the taste. Ours don’t. We also learnt that you need a significant amount of acid (apple cider vinegar) to ‘extract minerals from bones’ and that alters the taste of any broth. A teaspoon or two of vinegar hardly suffices.

Thirdly, our broth gels even without the use of apple cider vinegar. We attribute it to a using a generous amount of bones in each boil, with connective tissue and collagen (fish heads & frames with skin) that dissolve into the water and result in gelatin. Our fish broth will gel when cooled and stored in the fridge, and will melt into liquid at room temperature, or when heated.

tāng fish broth is a simple, single ingredient broth most pups can enjoy. We presently retail it frozen so it is available for self-collection, or at any of our in-person events. We have kept the price wallet-friendly so you can feed your dog generously. We want your dogs to enjoy the benefits of tāng, as much as our dogs do!