beagle looking at bowl of dehydrated duck fillet treats

Dehydrated meat jerky treats for dogs are made from lean whole meats of human-grade quality, gently dehydrated to a crunchy, chewy texture. Meats are cut thick and chewy for maximum enjoyment. We source our meats locally from reputable butchers and suppliers of restaurants, and do not use discards or off-cuts in any of our treats.

Natural meat jerky treats are perfect as pet snacks or treats, to supplement meals with whole food (if kibble-fed) or use as meal boosters, to use as dog training treats or training rewards when broken up, and to use in mental enrichment toys and activities. Scatter them on lickimats or stuff them in Toppls and Kong toys for mental enrichment.

Our treats are mostly single ingredient treats made from lean meat which are delicious, and provide nutritional benefits like proteins and vitamins, and are healthy and easier on dogs’ stomachs than commercial store-bought treats.


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Showing all 12 results