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Dog biscuits we use to treat and train our dogs, that our dogs love!

Our dog biscuits are made from just 4 ingredients and make for a delicious training reward or a sneaky snack.

Our biscuit Treat shape and size suits most dogs of all ages and make for visually fun treats. Each bag will contain an assortment of designs. Dog Biscuits are also available in Training sizes – approx. 1cm x 1cm cubes which are perfect for training your dog, or as a portion-controlled snack! Choose your shape in the menu and we will handcut it to size.

Our signature Sweet Potato Dog Biscuits is an egg-free recipe. Great for pups who are sensitive to egg in their diet.

Available in 2 pack sizes: 120g and 240g Twin Pack


Sweet Potato (min. 55% content)
Oat Flour
Rice flour
Coconut Oil

RECOMMENDED STORAGE: Once opened store in airtight container or reseal in bag and store at room temperature.
RECOMMENDED DOG SIZE: Suitable for all sized dogs.

No added fillers, colouring or preservatives.
Quan Dog Treats are suitable for dogs on a raw-fed, BARF or kibble diet.
All ingredients are human-grade and exactly what we feed our own dogs.
All treats are made fresh upon order and will require up to 7 days before they are ready for delivery.


Dog biscuits that smell so good, you wish you could eat them yourself! And you could too!

Our dog biscuits are baked to perfection, with a fragrant crunchy texture that dogs love. We are generous with the quantity of sweet potato we use in each bag of biscuits (min 55% sweet potato!), because we want only the best for your pup! We’ve refined the recipe so it’s now egg-free for pups who may be sensitive to egg, but it still smells as delicious as before!

Dog Biscuits are also available in Training sizes – approx. 1cm x 1cm squares which are perfect for training puppies, for smaller dogs (toy breeds) or as a portion-controlled snack! No more crumbling or breaking dog biscuits when training your pup. Just reward them with the Training size dog biscuits. The quicker you reward them, the faster they learn! Choose your shape in the menu and we will handcut it to size for you.

Our dogs will do anything for these biscuits- yours will too!

Quan Dog Treats may be fed to dogs on a raw-fed, BARF or kibble diet. All ingredients are human-grade and exactly what we feed our own dogs.


  • Yummy snack
  • Low in fat
  • Contains Vitamin B6, Vitamin C, and Manganese
  • Wheat-free & egg-free recipe

Storage & Handling

  • Store in a cool, dry place
  • Reseal after opening
  • May be refrigerated to extend shelf life
  • Consume within 2 weeks
  • Store in a cool, dry place for up to 2 months from purchase
  • Do not allow to come in contact with water or any liquid
  • Keep away from direct heat and light

Our all-natural treats are processed by hand in our kitchens, and may have variations in size and colour from batch to batch after dehydrating and/or baking. The quality of the product is not compromised in any way by these visual irregularities.

Disclaimer: Photos are for illustration purposes only. Actual product may vary in shape, size and colour.

23 reviews for Dog Biscuits – Sweet Potato

  1. Claudia (verified owner)

    My puppy loves the treats! I got the training size and it’s just right for my 9 month old Pomsky. The biscuits smells great and comes in a resealable bag for easy storage. A great treat all around!

  2. Jackson Gnanamuthu (verified owner)

    It’s crunchy and my dog loves this as this teaches him to do new tricks and get rewarded…

  3. Ee Laine (verified owner)

    The training sizes are just perfect for training treats. I finish a whole pack in just one week, lol!

  4. Yi-Di (verified owner)

    A little too hard for puppy jaws but I imagine a biscotti log shaped one would be a fantastic teething rusk!

  5. Jian (verified owner)

    Surprised that they went nuts for this!

  6. Jackson Gnanamuthu (verified owner)

    Simba enjoys the sweet potato biscuits

  7. Melissa Darshini (verified owner)

    My dog loves these biscuits!

  8. Anonymous (verified owner)


  9. Natashyia (verified owner)

    Its so crunchy!!

  10. Natashyia Vejayarajah (verified owner)

    My pups love them! Excellent for training

  11. Evon (verified owner)

    My pompom love it at the first bite. She’s crazy over it now. I can make her do tricks easily with this training bite size dog treats without much hassle.

  12. Jayne (verified owner)

    The potatoes of Babagonia definitely loved these sweet potato treats

  13. Pari B. (verified owner)

    These are great for training, the size is suitable. And of course the dogs think its tasty cause its a great motivator.

  14. Sarah M. (verified owner)

    Gaby’s favourite treat! Even smells awesome to me! I use this cookies as training treat and it does wonder because Gaby loves it so much.

  15. Anonymous (verified owner)

    My golden retriever loves these biscuits so much!

  16. Natashyia Vejayarajah (verified owner)

    Unfortunately didnt recieve this in the fun shapes but rather the treat sizes.

    • Quan Dog Treats (store manager)

      Hiya! We’re happy to know you love the fun shapes for the biscuits. Do pick the Treat size (as opposed to the Training sizes) to receive the fun designs in your order.

  17. Natashyia (verified owner)

    My pups love the sweet potato range

  18. Lavender T. (verified owner)

    My dog really enjoyed this! She looked so happy crunching away.

  19. Veronica (verified owner)

    The cookies smell so yummy and of course my doggies love them too ! We can’t resist and took a bite too!

  20. Jayne (verified owner)

    These smell so good (please don’t tell my
    dogs i took a bite)

  21. Michele (verified owner)

    These are freshly baked and smell so good. I was even tempted to try!

  22. Anonymous (verified owner)


  23. Christina (verified owner)

    Crunch treat for my dogs!

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