Pig Ears & Snout


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A combination of chews unique to our shop! We include a Pig Snout (halved) together with ears for your pup’s chewing pleasure!

Pig Ears and Snout are great for persistent chewers. They encourage your dog to chew on the skin and crunch the cartilage. The tough texture keeps them entertained and distracted. It’s perfect for those times when you want them out from under your feet, or to distract your dog from chewing on your shoes or furniture! Dogs love Pig Ears because it’s not only a fun workout for their jaws and teeth, it is delicious too!

Pig Ears are tough and the chewing helps your dog clean their teeth and gums naturally. They are a light chew for large dogs, and a delicious medium-chew for small to medium sized dogs.

When feeding Pig Snout for the first time, please supervise your dog, to ensure that they are chewing it properly.

Available in Sliced Ears: Whole ears are sliced into 3-4 strips for portion controlled snacking. May be fed whole for a mentally enriching treat, or easily ripped apart for smaller pups or portion control.

NOTE: Pig Ears are not recommended for puppies below 6 months or very old dogs with teeth problems. Please feed at your own discretion. Pig Ear is a natural product and may contain stray hairs. Sizes will vary depending on our supplier’s stock. We do our best to source the largest ears possible.

NOTE: Please feed under supervision and keep any unfinished ear in the fridge. Pig Snout, while a delicious chew, can be a little fatty which is why we only provide 1 (halved) individually packed. Once opened, we recommend storing in the refrigerator.

Quantity: 2 Pig Ears & 1 Pig Snout (halved)

Pig Ear
Pig Snout

RECOMMENDED STORAGE: Once opened store in refrigerator to preserve freshness.
RECOMMENDED DOG SIZE: Suitable for all sized dogs. For small dogs or for portion control, slices are easily ripped apart.

No added fillers, colouring or preservatives.
Quan Dog Treats are suitable for dogs on a raw-fed, BARF or kibble diet.
All ingredients are human-grade and exactly what we feed our own dogs.

Pork used in our treats:

  • Do not contain antibiotics
  • Do not contain beta agonist
  • Human grade quality

Recommended Storage

Storage & Handling

  • Store in fridge to extend shelf life
  • Handle with dry hands.
  • Consume within 2 weeks for optimum freshness
  • Store in fridge up to 2 months from purchase
  • Do not allow to come in contact with water or any liquid
  • Keep away from direct heat and light

Our all-natural treats are processed by hand in our kitchens, and may have variations in size and colour from batch to batch after dehydrating and/or baking. The quality of the product is not compromised in any way by these visual irregularities.

Your safety is our priority

Quan Dog Treats are dehydrated and finished in a hot oven to ensure that our treats are safe and free from bacteria.

Disclaimer: Photos are for illustration purposes only. Actual product may vary in shape, size and colour.