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quan cares with treatos

Hi Pawrents and friends,

My name is Zera, and I’m one of the Chief Tasting Officers of Quǎn Dog Treats. I am a foundling toy poodle, and came to my new family (and job!) after being picked up on the street, where I had been living for goodness knows how long!

On 31 March 2022, my new parents found me wandering around Bukit Jelutong. My hair was long, dirty and matted, my nails were like talons, and I was a mess. I was not neutered and it was possible I had been used for breeding. I couldn’t tell them, but everyone thought so. You can see a photo below of me when I was found. I had no collar, and no microchip. We could not find my family.

zera quan dog treats

I was lured using Pork Slices with Oregano, which I devoured (it remains my favourite treat to this day! I never say no) and it was the most delicious thing I’d eaten!

I was very malnourished at only 3.4kg, had bad cataracts in both eyes, and skin problems. We later found out that I had heartworm, a uterus infection, and tumours. It is a lot for a little pup to handle! The vet could only say that I am between 5-7 years old – I can’t tell either.

But I am a little trooper, and endured 3 major surgeries to remove my uterus and mammary glands, and months of heartworm treatment and rehabilitation. My new family decided to keep me, and I have been with my new family for over a year now (it must be because I’m so cute! :D ).

I am a picky little eater, and I know what I like (and what tastes delicious) so I was promoted to being one of the Chief Tasting Officers, alongside my 2 other brothers. I taught my new pawrents that little dogs and older dogs have needs too! We cannot handle treats that are too large (it’s too much for us to eat at one go!), or too hard (old and little dogs don’t have very strong teeth and jaws). They made me Duck Neck Chunks so I can enjoy a good Duck Neck chew without overindulging on too much bone, and I said they had to put it in the store so other little pups could enjoy it too.

I am one of the lucky ones. My friends on the street aren’t as lucky.

So, we set up the Quǎn Cares initiative to channel funds to animal charities, organizations and trap-neuter-release programs. Pet education is important, as well as humane controlling of stray dogs in our environment. RM5 from the Treatos variety pack will go towards this initiative.

Treatos is a mixed bag of our bestselling 4 meat jerky treats and retails at just RM9.90. If you are new to Quǎn Dog Treats, it lets you try a selection to see what works for you. It is also a handy takealong variety pack as it holds enough treats for a quick outing. My mum has one in her bag at any given time, so we can enjoy treats on the go.

We will update our progress here, as we go along.

Thank you for joining us on our journey.

Much love & treatos,
Zera (@zerathefoundling)

treatos by quan dog treats variety pack of dehydrated meat jerky treats


Try our bestselling meat jerky treats, or keep a handy variety pack on hand for easy treating.

RM5 from each pack is channeled to Quǎn Cares to help underprivileged dogs and/or sponsor trap-neuter-release programs.

Treatos contents:
Beef Slices
Duck Fillets
Chicken Fillets
Pork Slices with Oregano

Size: 30g