Quan Cares – A CSR Initiative

Hello paw-parents and paw-friends!

It’s me, Sherlock, one of the Chief Tasting Officers (CTO) of Quǎn Dog Treats :) I am the quality checker for every single batch of treats that come out from our kitchens, and I curated all my favourites into one fun-sized variety pack of Sherlock’s Picks to share with everyone!

My mum tells me that I am a lucky little pup because I’m so privileged and spoilt with love, care, comfort, toys and beds. Other dogs aren’t so lucky. Some don’t have homes or beds or someone to give them scratches behind the ear every night. Some don’t even have food to eat! :(

But Mum also tells me that there are organizations and kind people out there who are dedicated to trying to help these dogs without a home, whether by feeding them or by providing shelter. I wanted to help too!

So, from 1 July 2021, I’m giving up RM10 from each bag of Sherlock’s Picks and have pledged it to an animal charity, shelter or stray-feeding program which we will select from time to time. We hope that it will go a little way towards helping my doggy friends who aren’t so lucky, and to teach me to value what I have (and to not terrorize my Mum so much!)

We will update our progress on this page every 6 months, to share who we have helped with our Quǎn Cares program.

Thank you for supporting our initiative and for treating your pups with our treats ❤️


Quǎn Cares – Our Pledge

For every bag of Sherlock’s Picks purchased from 1 July 2021, we will give RM10 from each bag to an animal charity, shelter or individual sheltering/feeding underprivileged dogs. Your dog gets a fun selection of treats, or a fun introduction to our treats, or a fun gift to gift someone; and you contribute to a good cause at the same time – win-win!

sherlock's picks variety pack


Sherlock’s Picks contains a selection of 4 of our bestselling treats, which happen to be our CTO’s favourites:

  • 30g Pork Slices with Oregano
  • 30g Duck Fillets
  • 30g Pig Liver
  • 30g Duck Liver

Quǎn Cares – Updates

July-Aug 2021

We collected RM330 over July-Aug 2021 and have selected Noah’s Ark Natural Animal Shelter (NANAS) as our first beneficiary under our Quan Cares initiative.

Noah’s Ark Natural Animal Shelter (NANAS), based in Johor, is a safe sanctuary for abandoned, abused and stray animals and home to 700 dogs, 300 cats, 6 horses, 2 primates and 1 wild boar. They carry out rescue work, treatment, advocate sterilisation and run programmes to educate the public on the importance of animal welfare and how to be responsible caregivers.

You can learn about Noah’s Ark Natural Animal Shelter on their Facebook page or website.

We have pledged all contributions from sales of Sherlock’s Picks until December 2021 to NANAS.