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Quǎn Dog Treats for Woof My Roof

quan dog treats for woof my roof

Here at Quǎn Dog Treats, we make treats for dogs, but we are also conscious about the welfare of stray dogs. While there isn’t a concerted effort to neuter stray dogs at government level, or educate the public about avoiding animal dumping, there are many volunteer organizations and individuals who do.

We feel more strongly about their welfare after we rescued and adopted our own Zera. She came to us malnourished, sickly and with a host of medical issues – name it, she had it. It took us over a year and multiple surgeries to get her better. We suspected she had been dumped and been used for breeding, but there was little else we could tell, except to make her comfortable and live out the rest of her days with us.

Woof My Roof – sheltering strays

One such person and organization is Woof My Roof (@woofmyroof). Founded and helmed by a young lady, Shan, Woof My Roof is based in Klang. Shan selflessly feeds up to 60 stray dogs in the area after work each day. She was inspired by an initiative in Thailand to build small shelters for stray dogs, so they have a place to shelter from the sun and rain, and a place for them to be fed.

She started building these shelters for the strays, to be placed in less populated areas, so the stray dogs have somewhere to go from the heat and the rain. She also feeds them and has started neutering them using a Trap-Neuter-Release approach, and also rescues puppies and young dogs.

Earlier this year, one of her supporters contacted us to purchase some treats for the strays. We worked out a package for her, and had it delivered. But it also had us thinking about ways we could help.

We helped with a small fundraiser for an injured dog who was hospitalized, and it exceeded our expectations. There are so many kind people out there! We decided to work on a mechanism where everyone can benefit, even while helping Shan and the strays.

We got in touch with Shan, and learnt that she accepts donations of money, food and dog treats from people, because she believes that the strays deserve nice things once in a while too. Often, treats come from well-wishers who

1 for me, 1 for Woof My Roof

Starting in May 2024, we developed a new product which we now sell in our online store – Chicken Fillets with Parsley. It is made of fresh, chewy chicken fillets and sprinkled with parsley for a fragrant treat. In addition to the benefits of fresh, whole meat, parsley has antioxidant properties that helps protect the immune system.

Chicken Fillets with Parsley – for Woof My Roof


1 FOR YOU, 1 FOR WOOF MY ROOFEach 120g pack = 540g raw chicken breast/fillet Specially made for and working together with independent animal…

Note: If you want more than 10 packs of this item, please contact us to place a direct order.

For each bag of Chicken Fillets with Parsley sold, we will:

  • GIVE 1 bag to Woof My Roof to supplement feeding
  • SEND RM5 to Woof My Roof towards Trap-Neuter-Release efforts

This way, we hope to have a long-term, sustainable way to contribute to Shan’s cause, instead of just initiating one-off campaigns. The strays of Woof My Roof will receive a regular supply of treats to supplement their food, and Shan will receive some money each month to facilitate neutering of strays that she manages to trap.

And you? Your dog will get to enjoy a delicious chicken treat that is made from our usual premium-quality fresh meats :) Everyone wins!

Together, we can do more than we can separately.

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