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In the Great Pandemic of 2020, we were locked up at home with a rambunctious 4 month old puppy, Sherlock (that’s him in the photo!) and 1.5 year old labrador, Ares. We try to avoid eating too much processed food in our human diet, and we adopted the same approach for our dogs.

Our dogs eat natural whole foods in a raw or cooked diet, and their dinner bowls are straight-forward and nutritious, as we strive for them to lead long, healthy lives. We wanted their treats to be natural and healthy as well.

However, we soon learnt that some dog treats in the market that are branded as ‘natural dog treats’ were in fact, sourced from private label manufacturers (usually from overseas), which made us uncomfortable. We did not know the source and quality of the meats in these treats, and neither did the sellers we asked.

So, we decided to use quality human-grade meats and ingredients to make our own treats. Our dogs don’t eat better than us, they eat as well as we do, and that’s what we want for all dogs too.

We source our meats and ingredients from reputable local businesses and butchers who sell and supply the same items for human consumption. We obtain the best possible quality lean meats, while balancing out the cost, to ensure price accessibility.

Our meat treats and chews are dehydrated on low temperatures for long hours to allow raw meats to be portable, and to preserve the nutritional benefits of the meats. Where possible, we keep meat treats single ingredient and whole, so you know exactly what you’re getting.

We bake biscuits on low temperatures with minimal ingredients, and we intentionally keep them free from gluten, wheat, egg and dairy, so all pups can enjoy a fun, crunchy treat.

We take a simple, honest, no-gimmick approach to dog treats, and strive for our treats to serve a purpose as well as be delicious. Quǎn Dog Treats can be used as an incentive to get pups to behave, a training reward to train them to be good dogs, or a meal supplement/topper for picky pups.

Our dogs eat the exact same treats your dogs do (each batch is rigorously QC-ed!), which is why we are confident to give you our QDT Promise – “We will never feed your dog what we do not already feed our own”

Produced in small batches from high quality ingredients

We produce all our treats in small batches daily in-house, to ensure they are delivered to you in their freshest quality.

Dehydrating meats and chews is a long process, that we do not rush, in order to preserve nutrients in the meats. It takes hours (often days!) on low, gentle heat, to ensure that the products are properly dried. Baked goods are baked fresh daily.

Our ingredients are locally sourced from reputable suppliers of human food and food businesses. We opt to use high quality lean meats – never off-cuts or discards.

All our treats are produced in-house from start to finish, and no finished product is sourced from third party suppliers. We know EXACTLY what goes into our dog treats, and so do you, as there is nothing in there that isn’t already on the label.

Many dogs all over the country have enjoyed our natural dog treats, and we want your dog to enjoy them too.

Welcome to Quǎn Dog Treats.

Sue & Ian with Sherlock, Ares & Zera
& our Chief Tasting Officers

FUN FACT: Quǎn (犬, pronounced quan3 or chu-en) is the Chinese word for ‘dog’

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