human grade what does it mean

What do we mean when we say our treats are ‘human grade’?

‘Human grade’ is the latest buzzword in the pet industry. Everyone will claim that their homemade pet food or homemade pet treats are ‘human grade’. But do you really know what it means? What does ‘human grade’ mean? ‘Human grade’ technically means meat (and other ingredients) that are legally certified fit for human consumption. This means that they are meats […]read more

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dehydrated duck head and chicken feet

Benefits of feeding Duck Head for dogs

Did we hear a collective gasp of horror at the thought of feeding your dog a whole duck head? With beak? We’re used to it! Duck Heads look rather monstrous but any raw/fresh feeding advocate will understand and appreciate how their dogs salivate at the sight and smell of these delicious crunchy treats. Duck Head is offered whole, as a […]read more

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Gift the gift of pawsperity this Lunar New Year of the Dragon

This 2024 we welcome the Lunar Year of the Dragon, and what better way to celebrate than with a gift hamper! Traditionally given to family and business associates during the Chinese New Year, gift hampers are filled with edible goodies and delights. Thus the inspiration for our Pawsperity Abundance  发发发发 Gift Hamper, made especially for the 4-legged family members and […]read more

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quan dog treats for woof my roof

Quǎn Dog Treats for Woof My Roof

Here at Quǎn Dog Treats, we make treats for dogs, but we are also conscious about the welfare of stray dogs. While there isn’t a concerted effort to neuter stray dogs at government level, or educate the public about avoiding animal dumping, there are many volunteer organizations and individuals who do. We feel more strongly about their welfare after we […]read more

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dehydrated buffalo slices for dogs

Try Buffalo meat for dogs

We are always learning and trying new proteins, and we recently found a reliable source of buffalo to feed our pups. Buffalo, sourced from Water Buffalo, is a species most commonly found in India, China and South-East Asia. It is becoming more popular as a meat source in the USA and Australia, due to studies that have found how beneficial […]read more

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