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Try Buffalo meat for dogs

dehydrated buffalo slices for dogs

We are always learning and trying new proteins, and we recently found a reliable source of buffalo to feed our pups.

Buffalo, sourced from Water Buffalo, is a species most commonly found in India, China and South-East Asia. It is becoming more popular as a meat source in the USA and Australia, due to studies that have found how beneficial buffalo meat is – both for humans and for dogs!

When we found a reliable source of buffalo, we first tried it in our pups’ meal bowls, and they absolutely loved it! We then started making some treats out of buffalo for them, which was also a hit. Naturally, we had to make it available for sale, because we wanted to share this discovery with other dog owners!

Why is Buffalo beneficial for dogs?

Buffalo meat is similar to beef, but studies have shown that it is actually more beneficial.

Buffalo meat is:

  • Leaner than beef
  • Lower in fat and cholesterol than beef
  • Higher in protein than beef
  • Higher in Omega-3 and 6 fatty acids than beef

Buffalo meat is also highly digestible for dogs, rich in vitamins B6, B12, and vitamin D, and a good source of calcium, potassium, CoQ10 enzymes, and long-chain omega-3 fatty acids. It is so nutritious as an alternative protein to beef!

For some dogs who may be subject to allergies, buffalo meat is found to be lower in allergens, and possibly an alternative meat protein to consider. However, do check with your vet before introducing a new protein if your dog is undergoing treatment.

Buffalo Slices Meat Treats

Our Buffalo Slices meat treats are sourced from the lean cuts of buffalo meat. These come in large chunks of meat which we break down, trim visible fats by hand, and then hand-slice. We only choose the cuts that we can identify, so all parts of the buffalo that we use are traceable. We do not use trimmings or other off-cuts.

Slices of lean buffalo are gently dehydrated on low temperatures for many hours, turning them into a crunchy, chewy jerky. Buffalo meat is more chewy than pork, chicken or duck, our other single ingredient meat treats. This means that your pup may find it a slightly tougher meat jerky treat, and it will be harder to break (use scissors to cut, it’s easier!)

We intentionally cut our meat jerkies to chewy textures because they are just more yummy! The meat softens as your dog chews, which results in more saliva production, which keeps their mouth clean and healthy.

How to feed Buffalo Slices meat treats

As with all our treats, Buffalo Slices may be fed to your dog:

  • As a treat – offer it whole or cut into smaller pieces as a healthy snack
  • For Training – Cut it into small pieces and use it as a high-value treat when training or teaching new commands
  • As part of their meal bowl – Quan Dog Treats can form part of your dog’s meal bowl! It is just whole meat, and can be a whole food meal booster to kibble-fed dogs, or just to jazz up your dog’s meal time.
  • In enrichment toys and slow feeder bowls – Add to a slow feeder bowl, or cut it into small pieces and hide in enrichment toys or snuffle toys (like the Snuffle Sack) for your dog to forage and find. It offers mental enrichment and stimulation.

We are excited about including Buffalo in our lineup and we look forward to having your pup enjoy this nutrition powerhouse protein too!