Snuffle Sack – Canine Enrichment Toy


Note: If you want more than 10 packs of this item, please contact us to place a direct order.

Quǎn Dog Treats x Taming Wild 

Save RM5 when purchased with a treat!

The Snuffle Sack is a uniquely designed modular interactive snuffle toy designed to engage your dog and provide mental enrichment and stimulation. The handmade sack and interactive inserts with its pockets and flaps help build confidence and encourages sniffing and foraging activities.

Fill the sack and pockets with your dog’s favourite Quǎn Dog Treats, and hide treats under the flaps to encourage your dog (or cat!) to sniff and find them. Our dehydrated meat jerkies and baked biscuits are easily broken into small pieces to hide and encourage foraging. This is a great indoor activity that helps prevent boredom and destructive behaviour.

There are multiple ways to use the Snuffle Sack, where it can be offered as a whole, separately, or even to hide it in different parts of the house for your dog to find. Some tips and tricks are included in the card enclosed with each Snuffle Sack.

We intentionally chose the primary colours of yellow and blue to form the base colours of the Snuffle Sack as it has been scientifically proven that they are the 2 colours that dogs can see. We want your dogs to be able to see and anticipate the fun each time the Snuffle Sack appears!

More interactive inserts will be made available from time to time. The Snuffle Sack may also be used to carry your pet’s favourite Quǎn treats when they go out, and serves as a distraction while you’re outside.

The Snuffle Sack is handmade in Malaysia from non-toxic fabrics by our partner Taming Wild. It may be washed in the washing machine (cold setting) in the laundry bag provided.

Approximate dimensions (Please allow tolerance of 1-2cm as this is a handmade item):
Sack – 30cm x 30cm
Insert – 16cm diameter

Note: The product is designed for wear and tear. Do observe your pet while they’re playing, and remove when they’re finished to ensure that they do not rip it up.