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Happy New Year 2024 – have a snuffle!


Happy New Year 2024!

It’s a brand new day, week, month and year – what are the odds? 365 more days to treat our pups! :D

In 2024, we have plans for more new and beneficial treats and chews. As always, at Quǎn we don’t want to jump head-in to keep up with what’s in-trend. We want to make treats that our (and your) dogs can benefit from enjoying, and to incorporate that into their meal bowls.

Yes, we thoroughly encourage including Quǎn Dog Treats into your pup’s meal bowls, because it’s made from real food, and can form part of their meal allowance. This is great if you have kibble-fed dogs, as studies have shown that just adding a percentage of real food and meat in their meal bowls can help prolong their lives by up to 70% – and don’t we want that? :)

We love creating fun new treats that aren’t complicated, but are beneficial. We’ve found that the Cronchies Chicken Crisps and Chookies Chicken Neck cookies have been well received, and we will develop more fun treats with limited ingredients that are as fun as they are beneficial.

We have some new proteins lined up as well. Again, we aren’t just jumping on any newest trends. We want to offer something sustainable and beneficial, which means doing our research on the source and supply, before we can confidently include it into our menu. Where we get our raw materials is important to us, and we care about bio-magnification and source which is why many proteins like crocodile are quickly discarded.

We believe that the resulting treat is only as good and as beneficial as the raw material that goes into the ovens, so we opt for the best we can source, within a reasonable price range. As the saying goes, rubbish in, rubbish out – we aren’t in the business of making rubbish ;)

We also hope to have a more physical and offline presence this year, with more activities and events lined up for our community. We want to build a supportive and encouraging community of dog owners who care about what they feed their dogs, and we welcome everyone.

We will set up pop-ups from time to time, where you can meet and engage with us, and try new releases or pick up more of your pup’s favourites. We hope to spread our wings to other states and will share where we will be via our Newsletter and Instagram.

One of our final releases of 2023 was not a treat, but a mental enrichment toy that we developed together with Taming Wild who makes snuffle mats and accessories. The Snuffle Sack is a pouch that comes with an insert that you can hide treats in to encourage your dog to sniff and forage – this exercises their minds, and keeps them mentally agile and builds confidence. It is a great indoor activity. We have plans to have more inserts released from time to time, as an accompaniment to our treats.

We look forward to continue treating your pup in 2024, and to welcoming you to our Quǎn community.

Happy New Year!