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Singapore delivery? Yes we do!

Quan Dog treats delivery to singapore

We’ve had a few customers from Singapore who usually request for hotel delivery (which we are happy to accommodate!), and we were asked if we would ship to Singapore so they can get their treats more readily.

It took a little bit of research and arrangements, but we are happy to announce that we do now deliver to Singapore!

Orders to Singapore will be charged at a flat fee of RM40 for up to 2.5kg (that’s quite a lot of product, really!). Should your order be RM250 and above, we offer a shipping subsidy of RM20 which will be automatically rebated in your cart.

Your orders will be carefully packed in a box and delivered via Teleport courier which takes 2-3 days to arrive. After some trial runs, we found that they were the best and most cost-efficient option for delivery, both for us and for you.

We look forward to introducing Quǎn Dog Treats to our canine friends across the Causeway!