dehydrated buffalo slices for dogs

Try Buffalo meat for dogs

We are always learning and trying new proteins, and we recently found a reliable source of buffalo to feed our pups. Buffalo, sourced from Water Buffalo, is a species most commonly found in India, China and South-East Asia. It is becoming more popular as a meat source in the USA and Australia, due to studies that have found how beneficial[…]read more

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Quan Dog treats delivery to singapore

Singapore delivery? Yes we do!

We’ve had a few customers from Singapore who usually request for hotel delivery (which we are happy to accommodate!), and we were asked if we would ship to Singapore so they can get their treats more readily. It took a little bit of research and arrangements, but we are happy to announce that we do now deliver to Singapore! Orders[…]read more

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Beetroot peanut butter biscuits treats for dogs - gluten-free, wheat-free, egg-free, dairy-free, handmade in Malaysia

Dog biscuits don’t have to be boring! Natural Colouring in dog biscuits

We received an interesting question recently. Someone asked us “Why do you need to put colouring in your dog biscuits?” This was in response to the vibrantly coloured Beetroot Peanut Butter and Golden Paste Pumpkin biscuits, which are a deep red and bright yellow respectively. Well, we didn’t put any colouring in them, we just can’t help the natural colours[…]read more

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Gift the gift of pawsperity this Lunar New Year of the Dragon

This 2024 we welcome the Lunar Year of the Dragon, and what better way to celebrate than with a gift hamper! Traditionally given to family and business associates during the Chinese New Year, gift hampers are filled with edible goodies and delights. Thus the inspiration for our Pawsperity Abundance  发发发发 Gift Hamper, made especially for the 4-legged family members and[…]read more

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